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Exposition "Marcher pour vivre"

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This exhibition offers a dialogue between old maps, partly preserved in the departmental archives, and works by contemporary artists made available by the Packers Frac-Midi-Pyrenees, providing a questioning of our relationship to the real or imaginary space and its representation.

The works of Abattoirs Frac-Midi-Pyrénées will be on display in the temporary exhibition hall of the Palace of Bishops but also in the permanent exhibition halls and forging a link with the architecture and the collections on display.

Exhibited artists: Ben, Alain Jacquet, Jean-David Saban, Jean-Pierre Velly, Ilan Wolff, René Sultra & Maria Barthelemy, Corinne Sentou Leo Scalpel, Titi Parant, Didier Marcel, Basserode, Joan Duran, Tjatijarra Arthur Robertson, Valerius Coste François Boisrond, Etienne Ratchet and Ange Leccia.

A vernissage will be held on April 7 at 18:30. For the occasion, the artist Victoria Klotz give a performance: a poetic and visual reading for a ride in Midi-Pyrenees.

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Exposition "Marcher pour vivre"


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