Frequently asked questions

What are the opening times of the Niaux cave?

For tour times click here  


Are animals allowed? Is there a kennel?

No. Animals are not allowed in the cave.


What should I wear in the cave?

We advise you to wear warm clothes to visit the Niaux cave: jumpers, coats….


What is the temperature inside the cave?

Inside the cave the temperature is 12°C all year round


Where can I find supplementary information about Niaux cave?

A range of articles (books, films, photos, etc.) are on sale in the site gift shop.


I lost something during my visit, who should I talk to?

Please refer to reception at the end of your visit or contact the reception service who deal with lost property, on 05 61 05 88 37 or by email at :


Can I withdraw cash at the Niaux cave?

No. The nearest cashpoints are located in Tarascon-sur-Ariege town centre, 6km from the cave.


Site Access


How long does it take from Toulouse and what route should I take?

It takes 1h15 to drive the 110km from Toulouse. Click here for a map.


Is there a carpark near the cave?

Yes. A large carpark is available very close to the cave.

PLEASE NOTE. The access road to the cave is a narrow mountain lane.


Do I have to pay for the carpark?



Are there parking places reserved for disabled people?

No. There are no parking places reserved for disabled people in particular.


Can I park a camper van?

Yes. Camper vans can be parked in the cave carpark. However, camper vans are not permitted to park there after the end of the last tour of the day.


Is Niaux cave accessible to disabled people?

No. The natural state of the cave is maintained for conservation reasons and so the uneven terrain is not accessible to disabled people.


Can I visit if I have difficulty walking?

No. The natural state of the cave is maintained for conservation reasons and so the uneven terrain is not appropriate for people with trouble walking.


I have a young child, can I visit with a pushchair?

No. The natural state of the cave is maintained for conservation and so the uneven terrain is inaccessible with a pushchair.

PLEASE NOTE. The tour of the cave takes place in dim light with only torches for lighting. Once the tour starts, you cannot go back. Thus we do not advise you to visit the cave with children under 5 years old.


The site ticket office


What are the payments options?

  • • cash
  • • cheque (upon presentation of a proof of identity)
  • • bank card
  • • holiday cheque


Can I pay by American express?


We only accept Visa and Eurocard/Mastercard.


Will I have to wait long at the site entrance?

No. The tours are limited to 25 people and pre-booking is obligatory so waiting times at reception are relatively short.


What is the best day to visit to avoid crowds?

If you can, it is best to come on a week day outside bank holidays. If you are only available at the weekend, Saturdays are generally less crowded.

Please note, you must book in advance.


Can I visit the Niaux cave without booking?

No. It is obligatory to book your visit to the Niaux cave.

Book your visit online on our website or contact our reservation service on 05 61 05 19 19.  


How can I book my visit?

Booking can be made on the website through our online ticket office or by telephone on 05 61 05 10 10

Bookings for schools and groups can be made by telephone on 05 61 05 10 10.


Are holiday cheques accepted?

ANCV holiday cheques are accepted. We cannot give change but you can make up the total cost with another means of payment.


Are there preferential rates for disabled people, press etc…

Yes. Various reduced rates are proposed on presentation of proof of status.

- People with a disability or specific needs:
Our pricing policy: Paid entry in accordance with currents rates. The accompanying person, who helps or compensates for the disability is eligible for free entry.

- Teachers wishing to visit the site in preparation for a future visit with pupils are eligible for a free visit.

- Teachers visiting the sites privately, people over 60 years old and unemployed people do not qualify for preferential rates.


Dining facilities on site


Can I have a picnic on site?

Yes, but Niaux cave does not have a designated picnic area.


Visiting the site


Are there fixed times for the tours?


For a tour timetable consult l’onglet « horaires »


How long does the tour last?

The guided tour of Niaux cave lasts approximately 1h40 there and back

The distance to the salon noir is 800m (one way)


Can I visit on a rainy day?



Can I take photos during the visit?

No. Photographs and videos are not permitted in the cave for conservation reasons.

Postcards, leaflets and illustrated works from our sites are available in the gift shops.


Are there guided tours available in other languages?

From April to October we offer tours in English every day.


The site gift shop


Can I go to the Niaux gift shop without visiting the site?



I am weighed down with my purchases, is there somewhere I can leave them?

We can offer you even better! You can leave your purchases in the gift shop to take full advantage of your visit and pick up all you purchases at the end.


Can I access the gift shop in a wheelchair?

Yes. There is an access ramp for disabled people into the gift shop.


Additional services

Is there a playground near the Niaux cave?