What are the opening times of the sites?

Insert table or link to opening times/rates sites.

Can buses be parked near the sites?

All our sites have a nearby carpark for buses.

At Foix castle, the passenger drop-off and waiting zones have been designed for buses. It takes around 10 minutes to walk from there to the castle.

For more information, please do not hesitate to contact our reservation service on 05 61 05 10 10.

Are there parking places reserved for disabled people?

The Prehistory Park, the Mas d’Azil cave, the Bishops’ Palace and the Niaux cave all have parking spaces reserved for disabled people.

What are the payments options?

  • cash
  • cheque (upon presentation of a proof of identity)
  • bank card
  • holiday cheque


Can I pay by American express?


The SESTA does not accept payments by American Express.

We only accept Visa and Eurocard/Mastercard.

Are animals allowed in the Prehistory Park? Is there a kennel?

For reasons of conservation and hygiene, pets are not admitted on the majority of our sites.

Small animals are only admitted to Foix castle where they must be kept on a lead.

The Prehistory Park have a free kennel available to visitors.

Can I access the gift shops without visiting the sites?

Yes. You simply need to say so at the ticket office.

We are passing through the Ariege, what can we do here?

Apart from the different sites we offer, the Ariege and surrounding region possesses a very large cultural wealth. The beauty of the landscape will make your stay in the Ariege unforgettable. Consult the website of the Agence de développement Touristique de l’Ariège for more options during your stay.

What can we do with our (young) children?

Although all of our sites can be visited with children, we recommend a visit to the Prehistory Park in Tarascon, Foix castle who offer an environment specifically adapted for family visits.

Are there playground near the sites?

The Prehistory Park have playgrounds

Can I park a camper van at the sites?

It is possible to park a camper van at the majority of our site, except Foix castle. The carparks in Foix town, near the castle, are however suitable for camper vans.

Will I have to wait long at the site entrance?

We endeavour to reduce waiting times as much as possible.

How long do the visits take?

Prehistory Park: We advise at least 3 hours to visit

Niaux cave: The cave tour lasts 1h30

Foix Castle: The guided tour lasts approximately 45 minutes. To visit the upper floors and grounds, we advise at least an hour.

Mas d’Azil cave: The cave tour lasts approximately 1 hour.

Pyrène Forge: We advise a minimum of 3 hours to visit.

Can I visit the sites without booking?

At Niaux and Mas d’Azil caves reservation is obligatory

There is no need to book at the other sites even during the summer.

However, booking is obligatory for group and school visits at all the sites. 

 Are the sites accessible to disabled people?

The Niaux and Mas d’Azil caves and Foix castle are not accessible to disabled people for reasons linked to their very nature (natural places, medieval fortified castle).

The Prehistory Park and the Bishops’ Palace in Saint-Lizier are accessible to disabled people.

How can I book my visit?

Booking can be made on the website through our online ticket office or by telephone on 05 61 05 10 10

Bookings for schools and groups can be made by telephone on 05 61 05 10 10.

Are there special rates for groups or school trips?

Yes, consult the special rates for groups and schools here (link ….)

Are holiday cheques accepted?

ANCV holiday cheques are accepted. We cannot give change but you can make up the total cost with another means of payment

Are there preferential rates for disabled people, press etc…

Yes. Various reduced rates are proposed on presentation of proof of status.

- People with a disability or specific needs:

Our pricing policy: Paid entry in accordance with currents rates. The accompanying person, who helps or compensates for the disability is eligible for free entry.

- Teachers wishing to visit the site in preparation for a future visit with pupils are eligible for a free visit (PLEASE NOTE: this is upon reservation).

- Teachers visiting the sites privately, people over 60 years old and unemployed people do not qualify for preferential rates.

Do I have to pay for the carparks?


I have a young child, can I visit with a pushchair?

For conservation reasons, tours of the Niaux and Mas d’Azil caves are not pushchair friendly.

For reasons of comfort, it is not recommended to visit Foix castle with a pushchair, although it is permitted.

The Pyrene Forge, the Prehistory Park and the Bishops’ Palace are accessible with a pushchair. 

Can I take photographs during the visit?

Photographs and films are permitted on our sites except inside the caves and except if it is otherwise specified on the individual sites for reasons of protection of the works exhibited.

Postcards, leaflets and illustrated works from our sites are available in the gift shops.

Are there guided tours in other languages ?

In addition to the French language tours, tours in English at the Niaux and Mas d’Azil caves and Foix castle are available in the summer period.

The museographic parts and the Giants of the Ice Age space at the Prehistory Park are equipped with audio-guides in different languages: French, English, Spanish, Catalan, German and Dutch..

Can I visit all of the Niaux cave?

The tour lasts approximately 1h30 and take a route 800m long. For conservation reasons, the rest of the galleries of the cave are not accessible to the public.

Facsimiles of the Niaux cave and the sections not open to the public can be seen at the Prehistory Park. 

Can I visit all of Foix castle?

The Foix castle visit includes the ground floor, the grounds, the round tower and the middle tower.

The Arget tower is not accessible to the public because of its wooden millers’ staircases.

You can see a model of the tower in the guards’ room, on the ground floor of the castle.

Where can I find complementary information on the sites?

A range of articles (books, films, photos etc.) are on sale in the site gift shops.

Can I visit on a rainy day?

All our sites can be visited when it is raining.

Some paths are outdoors but all the activities are under cover.

Can I picnic on the sites?

The Prehistory Park and the Mas d’Azil cave all have designated picnic areas.

It is not possible to picnic at Foix castle or the Niaux cave. Please do not hesitate to contact our team for more information concerning picnic areas.

You can also picnic in the grounds of the Bishops’ Palace but there is no designated area.

For any other questions, our team will be pleased to help at: 05 61 05 10 10