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Le musée de la Préhistoire - Mas-d'Azil

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Located in the village, the museum of prehistory aims to introduce you to modernism and the expertise of the occupants of the cave through their relics, some of which are of great technical and artistic prowess.

A priceless collection of notable pieces including the famous pebble Azilian!

Among the most famous pieces housed by the museum, you can admire the reproduction of the famous bow adorned named "fawn birds," considered one of the masterpieces of Paleolithic art.
Other highlights of the visit, the exposure of one human testimony of the cave, a magdalénien skull, presented with his scientific reconstruction and presentation of Azilian through its microliths and painted pebbles so typical of Mas-d'Azil .

The visit takes place on three levels.

• The ground floor hosts temporary exhibitions.

• The first floor (two rooms):

the first presents the magnificent collections of prehistoric objects found in the cave:weapons, tools, furniture, art objects carved, engraved, decorated with an admirable quality (including the famous Fawn with birds).
T he second will discover the Azilian civilization with the famous painted pebbles.

• The second floor offers a discovery of inaccessible cave galleries decorated with reproduction paintings and prehistoric engravings.

Practical information :
Admission to the museum of prehistory is included in the entrance fee to the Cave of the Mas d'Azil

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Le musée de la Préhistoire - Mas-d'Azil

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