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Journées Médiévales au Château de Foix

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For this appointment, the medieval hunting is in the spotlight.
The company of "Archers Fébus" will introduce visitors, young and old, to the world of medieval hunting, its codes and its weapons including arrows fabrication shops and bow.

Once these discoveries manufacturing techniques, site initiation shooting!

The other iconic weapon of that period, the crossbow will not be outdone, all day, shooting demonstrations.

If the bow and crossbow are the most iconic weapons of the period, the art of falconry will, for the first time in the spotlight, in the shadow of the three towers of the Castle of Foix. Falcons, hawks, eagles and other raptors, faithful companions parts of medieval hunting, give it your show and compete technical prowess. Between each robbery, falconers will discover their birds, their training and their assistance in the capture of game.

Once mastered the art of hunting and game reports, up to the kitchen! What is salty or sweet gamey, medieval cooks will discover their recipes and dishes around participatory workshops

To complete the atmosphere, the troupe "Vagarem" offer, throughout the day, an original repertoire, drawn from the four corners of medieval Europe, will not fail to seduce and transport visitors to the time of feasts Fébus himself!

Useful information :

Castle open from 10am to 18pm

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Journées Médiévales au Château de Foix


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Longitude : 1,60506