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Exposition "Épées de légende - d'Excalibur au sabre laser"

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For this second meeting of the year, the Chateau de Foix proposes to continue the journey in time towards the Middle Ages!

But for this event, no question of joking ... up to war!

The knights have a date in the shade of three laps but they will not be alone as a real camp will be mounted for the occasion.

From the simple sling the premises of artillery, visitors will discover the evolution of siege techniques. With the help of the public, and Pied-fat Coquillard will operate the various war machines: tinker, bombard, trebuchet and other guns if the typical names
During live fire (but harmless projectiles!) Ingenuity of old builders and performance of these machines will be demonstrated in front of the stunned young and old.

Finally, up to the body-to-body and best knights! You will witness jousting in period dress but also in armor. Beautiful shows in perspective!

To complete the atmosphere, the troupe "Vagarem" offer, throughout the day, an original repertoire, drawn from the four corners of medieval Europe, will not fail to seduce and transport visitors at the time of Phoebus himself even !

Useful information :

Castle open from 10am to 18pm.

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Exposition "Épées de légende - d'Excalibur au sabre laser"



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