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Les journées médiévales

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We are in 1458 and Gaston IV, the current count of Foix-Béarn, has just been appointed peer of France by King Charles VII.
The castle is in full swing at the announcement of the news and several days of celebration have just been decided across the country to celebrate, as it should be, such a beautiful announcement. While Gaston is still at court, his subjects intend to honor their count with dignity and, at the same time, to test the newly acquired artillery.

On the program of celebrations, first of all music with the Chia Obscuro troupe which will make its sweet sounds heard in the large banquet hall ... it seems that we can even take some dance lessons there!
In the various rooms of the castle, visitors will be able to familiarize themselves with medieval daily life: in the stewardship, questions of supply, daily management and accounting will be discussed; in the room of the guards, it will be question of armor and the daily newspaper of the soldier and the children, newly recruited, will even be able to put on the famous equipment of the soldier. In the count's room, we take advantage of his absence to display the finery of the count family and we will talk about their daily life, devotions, hygiene in the Middle Ages and clothing. The terrace will be the scene of knights' fights during epic tournaments and the adjudication room, very close, will allow the bravest among them to be knighted during solemn ceremonies.
Finally on the large terrace, in the company of Machina Silente's troop, we will thunder gunpowder throughout the city! Beautiful, brand new and shiny artillery pieces will compete with the imposing trebuchet in an old fight against a new school of war.

To bring the highlight to these festive days, the "Thirsty Bear Tavern" will be open for the first time at the castle! Beyond its "good-natured" atmosphere where the latest county gossip is told, you will find something to drink and nibble on, salty and sweet, in medieval fashion and you will even pay in florins! It is even said that games will allow the more daring to earn enough to pay their living in this place.

Useful information :

Saturday 2 and Sunday 3 October 2021
Open from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.
Entrance fees to the Château

[2021 program under development - dates and content subject to change]

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Les journées médiévales


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